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What are cookies?

Cookies are packs of information in the form of small data files that websites send through your browser to your computer or mobile device. 

Why does our website use cookies? 

Cookies help you, the visitor to our site, to maximize your experience when browsing between pages. As web pages have no memory, cookies help them identify that you are the same user. 

They are mainly used to remember the options you have chosen on the website when you visit it again and/or when you browse between its individual pages, so that you do not have to re-enter them. For example, if you have set a language in which to display the site, a currency or something else, next time you visit you will be recognised as the same user with your specific preferences. 

Do all cookies work the same? 

No, there are different types of cookies. The ways in which they can be used, the functions, the duration of action, the ownership (cookies on the website and/or provided by third parties) are also different. 

What types of cookies do we use? 

This website uses the following main groups of cookies: 

  • Necessary cookies – They take care of the good operation of the website, incl. providing the opportunity to create an account, management, settings and other functionalities necessary for the smooth functioning of the site. 
  • Functionality cookies – Used to “remember” your personal preferences set when you first visit the website. In this way, they contribute to your excellent experience on our website, eliminating the need to request them on each subsequent visit. 
  • Analytical cookies – These give us information about how you use our website, which part of its functions work well and which do not, so that we can effectively optimize it according to your needs. This type of cookie collects different data: pages viewed, referring (originating) pages, platform type, date, time spent on the page, number of clicks, mouse movements, scrolling and other actions related to the use of our website. 
  • Analytical cookies help us analyze user behavior and thus help us with our online advertising campaigns. Within this process, your anonymity is guaranteed. Please note that our business partners may also use cookies to analyze the behavior of their users.
  • Social media cookies – We use our own and third-party cookies to display personalized offers on our website. This is called “retargeting” and is based on the user’s search history.

Period of activity of cookies used by us 

The cookies we use have a different period of activity. The maximum period in which they can be used is 420 days, counted from the date of your last visit to the website. As a user, you have the right to delete and disable all cookies associated with your browser and devices generated by our website to you. 

Recognizing cookies and accessing the data they collect

Cookies on opasnite.bg are visible in your browser settings. Only “Nord Holding” AD has access to the data collected by the cookies used by the website. 

Manage cookies according to your personal preferences

To manage cookies according to your individual preferences, use the settings of the browser with which you surf the Internet. The settings of different browsers can be located in different places in the interface.

In case you do not find them, we recommend that you use the “Help” section, from which you can learn how to make a specific setting, incl. how to manage cookies. We must remind you that if you disable/delete certain cookies, there is a risk of limiting some of the functions of the website.