Where do I hand over the waste?

Nord Hazardous Waste has a well-developed network of sites in Sofia and in key locations in the country thanks to our successful cooperation with suppliers from other companies.

Here are the sites that have a permit for the collection and storage of hazardous waste, where you could hand over your hazardous waste.

Find the nearest hazardous
waste disposal site

Площадки, които имат разрешение
за опасни отпадъци

Sites that have a hazardous waste permit

Site Voenna Rampa

Sofia 1225,
Borough of Serdika,
6 Iliyantsi Blvd.,


Zlataritsa 5090,
Beliya Dom locality
+359 885 570 631

Site Plovdiv

Plovdiv 4000,
4 Georgi Benev St.
+359 898 261 772