You choose how to submit your hazardous waste for
solidification/stabilisation, utilisation or recycling.

We pick up the waste from you

If you are unable to deliver the waste, we can pick it up at your facility.
When we collect hazardous waste from a facility, we comply with all requirements for its collection, transportation and storage. In the event that you deliver hazardous waste to us, ensure that it meets the specified quality and storage requirements.

You deliver the waste to us

In case you will be delivering hazardous waste to us by your own means, make sure that it meets the quality requirements and is properly packaged.

General packaging requirements

Hazardous waste should be collected and stored in compliance with certain rules and requirements. In this way, the danger of spills and pollution of the environment, endangering the life and health of living organisms, is minimised.

Packaging of liquid hazardous waste

All types of service fluids, waste oils, paints, varnishes, solvents, etc. must be stored in barrels and tanks designed for this purpose.

Collected in them, they are transported to recycling companies and/or other types of facilities to be solidified/stabilised and utilised in the most proper way. 

Packaging of solid hazardous waste

All types of plastic, metal and other packaging, tools, nylons, etc., which have been in contact with hazardous substances and mixtures, must be collected in thick plastic bags.

Another option is to store them in waste-type certified containers that are transported by special trailers and trucks.

This type of hazardous waste is transported for solidification/stabilisation, utilisation and recycling. 


We care about your convenience, we pay immediately

Payment of the agreed price according to the type of hazardous waste we buy,
after measurement and characterisation.